About : PT. The Cool

PT. The Cool (Indonesia)

        PT. The Cool (Indonesia) was established in July 2009 and fully in operation in the second quarter of 2010 (All licenses granted). The Service operation was operated from first quarter of year 2011.

        The Company started by focusing on Supermarket equipment with leading customers. After all licenses were granted, PT the Cool (Indonesia, called in short name “TCID”) has further expanded its business to Key ice cream Corporate customers, and further Nestle Professional Indonesia (for Nationwide Service of Coffee Machine). Currently, TCID possess two warehouses in Jabodetabek area, another one warehouse in Bandung (West Java) and another one in Surabaya (East Java), and soon to acquire one in Central Java and Denpasar. 

        Recently, we have expanded our Head office & Warehouse in Jakarta to serve better the expansion of our Business. Our location is near to Jakarta Airport and is very convenient to centralize all communication with our customers.



What we do

PT The Cool’s products

         PT the Cool provides various kinds of products supply & service to match with customers’ specific demands on Cold chain refrigerated equipments and all functional cabinets such as Supermarket/Convenient store Freezer, Ice crème chest freezer, Counter Top Freezer, Upright Beverage Cooler (minimart cooler), Eutectic application (Super freezer and Eutectic ice pack, thermotainer, insulated box for dry ice replacement), Combination freezer, Gelato & pastry cabinet, kitchen equipment (multideck, serve over counter showcase) and customized Services.



Network & Serivices


March 2011: West Java, based in Bandung
August 2011: East Java, based in Surabaya
November 2011: Jabodetabek & Banten, based in Jakarta.
April 2012 : Central Java, based in Yogyakarta
June 2012 : based in Denpasar






Our Network Expansion Plan

Services & Network expansion (History and Present)











Our Customers

Unilever Indonesia, Nestle Professional, CP, Hero, Food Hall, Hypermart, Gentong Ice Cream, Indo Eskrim. Lion Superindo, HALE International, Haagen-Dazs, etc.

Contact Us

Sales & Service Address
Jln. Mandala Raya No.20C
Tomang,Jakarta Barat 11440
Tel : +62(21) 5695-7812

Fax : +62(21) 5695-7813
Email sales.id@coolinspired.com or sales@thecool.co.id

Warehouse Address
Kompleks Industri dan Pergudangan Cikupamas Jln. Bhumimas VIII No. 30 Cikupamas Kab Tangerang - Banten 15710

Tel : +62(21) 293-20-396
Fax : +62(21) 293-20-397